Premiere Pro CS5 New Features

with Jeff Sengstack
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Premiere Pro CS5 New Features
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In Premiere Pro CS5 New Features, author Jeff Sengstack introduces new features that focus on better performance, greater stability, and enhanced efficiency in Adobe's flagship video production software. This course covers the new Mercury playback engine for viewing multiple layers of HD footage smoothly in real time, the new Ultra Key effect to chromakey HD footage in real time, integration with Adobe Story, the expanded list of supported tapeless HD formats, and editing enhancements to existing features that simplify everyday tasks.

Topics include:
  • Importing assets from DVDs
  • Importing from tapeless formats
  • Automatically finding gaps between clips
  • Playing video with the Mercury Playback Engine
  • Importing Adobe Story Scripts with the script-to-screen workflow
  • Stacking effects and playing effects back in real time
  • Working with Ultra Key
  • Searching through footage using face detection
  • Moving projects among Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Avid
Premiere Pro


- Hi, I'm Jeff Sengstack, the author of this tutorial on Adobe Premiere Pro CS5's new features. Premiere Pro CS5 has several improvements that focus on better performance, greater stability and enhanced efficiency. I'm gonna cover all the major improvements in my tutorial videos. Topping the list Premiere Pro CS5 runs only on 64-bit Mac or Windows operating systems. As a result it runs processes faster, handles large files and projects better, and is more stable. Premiere Pro CS5's new Mercury playback engine means you can view multiple layers of HD footage smoothly in real time, no rendering needed.

Many Premiere Pro video effects have been upgraded to take advantage of the Nvidia GPU acceleration. And the new Ultra Key effect lets you chroma key HD footage in real time. Even video with uneven lighting, frizzy hair, smoke, liquids, and transparent objects. Premiere Pro CS5 works with an expanded breadth of tapeless HD formats including Sony's new XDCAM HD 50 and Panasonic's new AVC cam. As well as with the latest digital single lens reflex cameras like the Canon 5D and 7D.

Since Premiere Pro CS5 works natively with these formats, and several others, you don't have to waste time or lose video quality transcoding or rewrapping video files. Premiere Pro CS5 works seamlessly with the newly released Adobe Story, the latest version of On Location, and Premiere Pro's speech analysis tool to synchronize the script, the footage, and then edit based on the dialog transcript. Finally, Premiere Pro CS5 presents several editing enhancements that simplify everyday tasks. Such as importing assets from DVDs and using a keyboard shortcut to move the in or out point of a clip, or to automatically make rolling edits.

So let's start taking a look at all the cool new stuff.

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