Premiere Pro CS5.5 New Features

with David Basulto
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Premiere Pro CS5.5 New Features
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In this course, author David Basulto details the latest productivity enhancements to the Premiere Pro video editing workflow. Covering preproduction through delivery, the course shows how to edit RED footage nondestructively, place and modify keyframes directly on the timeline, and export to multiple file formats with the redesigned Media Encoder.

Topics include:
  • Choosing the appropriate keyboard layout
  • Building custom sequences
  • Syncing audio and video into a merged clip
  • Roundtripping with Audition to sweeten audio
  • Collaborating on the fly with CS Review
  • Adding closed captions
Premiere Pro


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm David Basulto. Welcome to Premiere Pro CS5.5 New Features. In this course, we'll start by looking at the changes and additions Adobe has made to the pre-production work flow, including improved control over red footage. We'll explore new editing tools like setting and adjusting key frames for the video effects directly in the timeline. And the new integration with Adobe Audition, which lets you easily send a sequence from Premiere to Audition and then back into Premiere.

Finally we'll see improved export and delivery options, including the redesigned media encoder and support for closed captioning. The new features of Premiere Pro should give you some nice tools for improving and speeding up your work flow. This course will give you what you need to put these new features to work quickly. Now let's get started with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 New Features.

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