Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training

with Antony Bolante
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Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training
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In Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training, Antony Bolante provides a step-by-step, hands-on demonstration of a typical video editing workflow, from import to export. After creating a project and discussing how to configure settings based on editing goals, he shows how to gather and organize assets, including video files, layered Photoshop and Illustrator files, and footage captured from tape. He applies basic editing techniques to assemble a rough sequence, then tightens and refines the edit while doing basic audio mixing. Titles, transitions, and effects are used to add a professional touch. Antony also discusses techniques for exporting the finished edit to disc, tape, and a variety of digital formats. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Performing assembly edits
  • Performing overlay and insert edits
  • Editing with Ripple, Roll, Slip, and Slide
  • Creating a title roll or crawl
  • Rubber-banding clip levels
  • Applying motion parameters
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder
Premiere Pro


(electronic music) - Hi, my name is Antony Bolante. And welcome to Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training. I'm a video producer and writer, and I'll be your guide in this video training series. In this title I'll use sample footage to demonstrate the various editing techniques using Premiere Pro CS4. It will allow you to create a solid edited sequence from start to finish. The goal isn't to have you replicate a particular edited piece step by step, but I will use the footage with certain editing goals in mind. This way I'll demonstrate various techniques that help achieve those goals.

And overcome the challenges that naturally arise in a project. In general I'll follow the typical workflow of any editing project. We'll start by creating a project in Premiere Pro. And specifying the settings most appropriate to the editing goals. Then we'll gather the assets need to complete the project and organize them as you see here. Then we'll view footage and decide how to use it. We'll put it together into a rough sequence. Then we'll learn various ways to tighten and refine the edit. From there we'll add professional touches like titles, transitions and effects. Then we'll do some basic audio mixing.

When the sequence is complete, we'll export it into the format of your choice. Throughout the process I'll stick with the key techniques to get the job done. So whether you've downloaded the sample footage and follow along or apply what you learn to your own project. You'll have the essential training to take a project from start to finish in Premiere Pro CS4.

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