Premiere Pro CS4 Beyond the Basics

with Chad Perkins
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Premiere Pro CS4 Beyond the Basics
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In Premiere Pro CS4 Beyond the Basics, Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins explains how to take video editing from simple nuts and bolts to an art form. He shares tips for shooting video in the field to get the most from a subject and get the best footage for a project. He demonstrates how to build a project through the careful use of cutaways, pacing, and suggestive edits. He covers special effects, color correction, and keying and compositing, integrating all these concepts as he builds a music video project from scratch. Exercise files are included with this course.

Topics include:
  • Working with P2 media
  • Keying compositions using garbage mattes and green screen
  • Using transition effects, lens flares, and 3D reflections
  • Compositing with blend modes
  • Understanding spatial versus temporal compression
  • Recording, mixing, normalizing, and fixing audio
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(happy music) - [Voiceover] Welcome, welcome, everybody. I'm Chad Perkins and this is Premiere Pro CS4, Beyond the Basics. For a video editors and filmmakers once you mastered the cutting and output or the basic editing workflow you'll be looking for some of the industry tricks and professional tips to take your work from good to great. In this course I'll talk not just about the mechanics of good video but the art of shooting and editing great video, getting the most from your subjects.

I'll cover how to set up and take advantage of multi-camera shoots and editing using cutaways and B-rolls. I'll show you some great tips of color correction, including creating a vignette or a day for night shot. Also I'll introduce some really flashy tricks like creating 3-D reflections and also creating track mattes. I'm pretty convinced that you're gonna love this title and learn a lot along the way. So let's get going with Premiere Pro CS4, Beyond the Basics.

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