Premiere Pro CS3 Essential Training

with Chad Perkins
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Premiere Pro CS3 Essential Training
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In Premiere Pro CS3 Essential Training , Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins teaches each aspect of Premiere Pro CS3, as well as standard film and video editing techniques. He covers how to create web video, record directly to disc with OnLocation, key with Ultra, browse files with Bridge, export to mobile devices with Device Central, and author professional DVDs with Encore. (All of this software is included with Premiere Pro CS3.) Chad also devotes a large portion of the training to essential filmmaking and editing principles. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Getting started with Premiere Pro projects Importing and organizing footage Understanding basic editing principles Learning the essentials of animating Creating slow-motion video with time remapping Applying video effects and transitions Creating animated credits and titles Integrating with other Adobe products Recording directly to disc Exporting movies to FLV, iPod, DVD, and Blu-ray formats
Premiere Pro

Important introduction

Alright folks welcome to Adobe {italic}Premiere Pro CS3{plain} {italic}Essential{plain} {italic}Training.{plain} On behalf of I'm Chad Perkins, an Adobe certified instructor in {italic}Premiere.{plain} Now {italic}Premiere{plain} is a professional level video editing tool, but even though it's very professional, it's also very easy to use, and I'm really looking forward to showing you how it works. But even more than that, we use {italic}Premiere{plain} to tell stories and that's what I'm here for. I love telling stories through video and moviemaking, it's absolutely very fun, and I want you to get really good at those concepts as well. So in this training series we're going to show you how the buttons work in {italic}Premiere,{plain} but we're also going to take an unprecedented look into how to tell digital stories, how to make good movies. We're also going to be using, as examples here, some great, and some not so great, classic films. We are going to have a blast. So let's jump into {italic}Premiere{plain} and check it out.

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Q: The exercise files for Premiere Pro CS3 Essential Training will not open. Is this because Premier Pro CS3 does not support MP4 files?
A: Premiere Pro CS3 does in fact support files with the MP4 extension, as demonstrated in the training. The problem is likely due to the required codecs not being installed on your system. Download the latest version of QuickTime, which will install the most recent versions of the codecs that Premiere needs to understand a wider variety of file types.
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