Premiere Pro CS3 Beyond the Basics

with Chad Perkins
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Premiere Pro CS3 Beyond the Basics
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Premiere Pro CS3 Beyond the Basics delves deeper into many advanced video-editing concepts such as track mattes. It also covers using Premiere as an audio recording studio, automating audio track mixing , and adding audio effects. Many confusing audio concepts, such as sample rate, bit depth, and VST effects, are clearly explained, for basic concepts and in-depth comprehension. There is an entire chapter devoted to the process of editing a video podcast with Premiere Pro from start to finish. Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins also shares a great deal of knowledge about working with color and color correction. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.

Topics include:
  • Setting up advanced preferences Advanced capturing concepts Using subclips and the Trim Monitor Making movie-style credits with tab stops Using interesting camera angles Telling a story with camera placement Understanding audio in Premiere Recording and mixing audio Using the Project Manager Editing and exporting a video podcast
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