Up and Running with Premiere Elements 9

with Maxim Jago
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Up and Running with Premiere Elements 9
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Adobe Premiere Elements' user-friendly tools and fast workflows make it easy to achieve professional results, but sometimes all the options are intimidating. Join expert trainer Maxim Jago in this solid but fast-moving introduction to the fundamentals and you may be surprised at how quickly you progress from learning the interface to importing media, creating sequences, and applying effects. Before long you'll be sharing movies with the world via DVD or YouTube.

Topics include:
  • Overview of the Premiere Elements interface
  • Working with media files and capturing from tapes
  • Creating a new project and understanding the options
  • Arranging clips to make a movie
  • Adding transitions and special effects
  • Making titles and using graphics
  • Using music and working with audio
  • Sharing your movie
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Premiere Elements


- Hello there, I'm Maxim Jago. I'm a filmmaker, author, and trainer working with production companies, and media specialists around the world. I work with Adobe producing and providing specialist training for everyone from TV editors to school kids. And everywhere I teach, I start with the same message life is simple. If you learn the basic principles, everything else will fall into place. In this course, I am going to teach you those principles while showing you how to produce high-quality, professional results with the amazing Premiere Elements software.

We'll be working with simplicity, and lots of fun. Very soon, you'll understand the way video technology works, and how your computer makes it possible to create fantastic movies so quickly. Many people using Premiere Elements are a little bit nervous that technology might be in control because of the complexity of the options, and the unfamiliar buttons. Really all you need is that familiarity. Once you know what everything is for, you'll be editing your movies, adding titles, setting up transitions, tweaking special effects, and sending your creation direct to DVD, or even to the internet.

I hope you enjoy spending a little time with me, and discovering all that Premiere Elements has to offer. By the end of this course, you'll be confident enough to teach your friends, and ready to create some movie magic.

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