Creating a Mini Documentary with Premiere Elements

with Jason Osder
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Creating a Mini Documentary with Premiere Elements
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This course shows beginning filmmakers how to make a short documentary from footage they have already shot, and walks them from the editing process in Adobe Premiere Elements through uploading a finished movie to platforms like Vimeo or YouTube. Author and producer Jason Osder explains how the footage was shot along the way, illuminating why particular angles were chosen and how the subject matter influences the editing process. The course also covers trimming, editing to music, and adding a title and graphics, and the final chapters result in a polished, color-corrected movie with properly mixed dialog and music.

Topics include:
  • Importing and evaluating footage
  • Planning the edit
  • Marking and adding clips to the timeline
  • Creating cover shots with video tracks
  • Trimming clips
  • Adding and refining transitions
  • Adding a title and a lower third
  • Incorporating still images
  • Setting audio levels
  • Creating a DVD
  • Posting to YouTube
Premiere Elements


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Jason Osder. Welcome to Creating a Mini Documentary with Adobe Premiere Elements. In this course, we'll look in making the most of the documentary format, using Adobe Premiere Elements and a brief sample project. We'll Start by importing and organizing footage using folders and markers. Next, we'll look at how to use the Timeline to find the editing opportunities in your footage and discover the flow of your narrative. We'll see how to create a title and lower third graphic for your video, using the Text tool.

Finally, we'll look at the options for exporting and delivering a final project to an audience on disk or online. We'll be covering all of these features with an emphasis on process and the creative aspects of cutting a short documentary. Now, let's get started with creating a mini-documentary with Adobe Premiere Elements.

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