Premiere Elements 8 for Windows Essential Training

with Jeff Sengstack
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Premiere Elements 8 for Windows Essential Training
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In Premiere Elements 8 for Windows Essential Training, instructor and videographer Jeff Sengstack shows how this application can be the only one needed to view and edit video files and share them with family and friends. Jeff shows how to start a new project, set up the workspace, and arrange clips on the Timeline for an initial video take. He teaches how to apply specialized video effects, like Motion Tracker and the Effects Mask tool, to build more than just an average family video. He also covers how to add narration, music, transitions, and titles to a final movie. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Getting video from a DV camera, USB camera, or hard drive
  • Adjusting timing for smooth transitions between clips
  • Adding text and shapes to clips with titling tools
  • Mixing audio tracks by hand for a custom sound
  • Building DVD menus with scene markers
  • Creating a good story for the final output
Premiere Elements


(Music playing.) Hi! I'm Jeff Sengstack. Welcome to Premiere Elements 8 Essential Training. In this course I show you how to use Premiere Elements 8 to edit videos and share your finished projects with family, friends, and business associates. Whether you are making a video about your kid's soccer game, your family vacation, or your business, Premiere Elements 8 has all the tools you will need to create a polished project. Here are some of the tools and topics I cover in this course. Getting video from your camcorder onto your PC's hard drive. Putting clips in slow motion, reverse motion, or creating freeze frames.

Applying and customizing video clip transitions, like dissolves, wipes, and page curls. Adding and animating visual effects, like lightning, a lens flare, or an old film look. New to Premiere Elements 8 is the Object Tracker Effect that you can use to place an effect on something moving through a scene. Finally, I go over all the different ways you can share your project, from creating a DVD, complete with menus and animated buttons, to posting your videos online. I think you will find that producing videos with Premiere Elements 8 can be creative, exciting, and rewarding.

So let's get started with Premiere Elements 8 Essential Training.

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Q: Is it possible to get still shots from video clips in Adobe Premiere Elements 8?
A: Yes, this is possible with the Freeze Frame tool, which is explained in Chapter 5, in the "Splitting clips and changing clip speed, duration and direction" movie around the 7:45 mark.
Q: When attempting to start Premiere Elements 8, I get an error message reading "Adobe has detected that the application Elements Organizer has unexpectedly quit." What is causing this, and how can it be fixed?
A: Crashes on start-up are a problem that have come up with a number of users. There is an update to Premiere Elements 8 that addresses that.
There are two approaches, open Premiere Elements by clicking New Project and then go to Help > Updates. If that doesn't work, or if Premiere crashes again, follow the steps outlined on this Adobe support page:
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