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What is Quicken 2014 Premier?

Before we learn how to use Quicken 2014 Premier, let's get clear about what the Quicken software does and how people use it to manage their money. Quicken 2014 Premier is personal finance management software developed by Intuit. This software allows you to balance your bank accounts and track your spending, income, loans and investments. You can import transactions and balances from participating banks and brokerages, directly into the Quicken software, by entering your user name and password for your financial institution. You can also categorize transactions in your checking and credit card accounts, until the budgets correlated with these categories to help you track your spending.

You can set up text and email alerts to notify you of information like upcoming bills or bank balance limits. Quicken 2014 Premier includes some extra features as well. There's a debt reduction planner. This helps you make a plan to pay off your debt efficiently. You can create savings goals to set up schedules savings plans for large expenses like a house or college tuition. There's a tax center that imports information from your TurboTax file to help you estimate and plan your taxes, and a Lifetime planner to help you project your financial future.

Quicken Premiere allows you to add your retirement and other investment accounts. Once you've add your investment accounts, Quicken shows you your overall portfolio value and compares your portfolio performance versus the market. It also tracks information like your cost basis and capital gains. Quicken 2014 Premier syncs with the Quicken 2014 mobile app. With the Quicken 2014 mobile app on your mobile device, you can view your spending account and budget balances, view, enter and edit transactions, and take pictures of receipts and save them to Quicken from your tablet or smartphone.

There's several versions of Quicken 2014, including Quicken 2014 Starter Edition, Quicken 2014 Deluxe, Quicken 2014 Premier, which we'll be talking about in this course, Quicken 2014 Home and Business, and Quicken 2014 Rental Property Manager. All of the Quicken 2014 products work for Windows desktop operating systems only. Quicken 2014 Premier includes all of the features of the starter edition and deluxe versions plus additional features for tracking investments. Intuit also offers a product called Quicken Essentials for Mac.

The Quicken Essentials for Mac software product is an earlier version of Quicken 2014, and it lacks many of the features of the Windows 2014 version. When you purchase Quicken, take the time to review the feature sets of the different Quicken products. To find out about current product feature sets and pricing, visit There's a lot you can do with Quicken 2014 Premier to help you manage your financial life. Most people purchase Quicken to help them balance their main spending account and track their spending. Explore the other features Quicken has to offer to make the most of this powerful money management tool.

What is Quicken 2014 Premier?
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What is Quicken 2014 Premier? provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Sally Norred as part of the Quicken 2014 Essential Training

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