How to Set Up a New Intuit ID in Quicken 2014

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Setting up your Intuit ID

The very first time you open up Quicken 2014 on your computer, you'll be prompted to register your Quicken software with Intuit by creating an Intuit ID and password. It's a good idea to create an Intuit ID and register Quicken so that you have access to all of the internet-connected services that Quicken 2014 offers. An Intuit ID will allow you to download transactions from your bank. You'll be able to pay your bills online directly from Quicken, use and sync Quicken on your mobile, tablet or smartphone, receive email and text alerts, and you'll get notified from within the Quicken software when a software update is available.

You'll have access to the Quicken Live and support community, and you'll have access to Quicken Cloud services. Before you set up your Intuit ID, make sure you're connected to the internet on your computer. When you first open up the Quicken 2014 software on your computer, this pop-up window labeled Register Quicken will appear. You may already have an Intuit ID if you've used Quicken in the past or, if you've used some of Intuit's other products including TurboTax and QuickBooks. If you'd like to use your existing ID, click Already Have an Intuit ID and log in with your Intuit ID and password.

We're going to be signing up as Jeanie Radnor today. If you need to create a new Intuit ID, enter your email address and enter a password and confirm it. Answer the security question and click the Next button in the lower right corner. On the next screen, add your first and last name and address, add your phone number if desired. You can always add your mobile number later. It's also necessary that you select where you purchase your copy of Quicken in this drop down menu. Optionally, select any other methods that you've used to manage your personal finances in the past, and click the Next button in the lower right.

Once you've entered all the required information, this pop up window will appear, that reads You're Ready to Use Quicken. Click the green Done button in the bottom right of the screen to be taken to the home screen. You're now signed into your Quicken software with you're Intuit ID. You've registered your software, and you're able to use any of Quicken 2014 connected services. If you do not see the register Quicken pop up when you open Quicken, and you want to create an Intuit ID and register the software, you can access the Intuit ID setting from the Edit menu at the top of your window. Click the Edit menu and select Preferences, select Intuit ID, Mobile and Alerts.

Click the Get started button on the right side of the window under the words Create your Intuit ID to get connected. You can also change your Intuit ID email, password, or security question at any time from this Preferences menu. Creating an Intuit ID and signing into your copy of the Quicken software using this ID will allow you to get the most out of your Quicken software. Once you've signed in, you want have to enter your Intuit ID again the next time you open the software on your computer.

Setting up your Intuit ID
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Setting up your Intuit ID provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Sally Norred as part of the Quicken 2014 Essential Training

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