Up and Running with Prelude CS6

with Jeff Sengstack
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Up and Running with Prelude CS6
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Adobe Prelude, new in CS6, is a tool for ingesting and quickly organizing tapeless media for post-production. In this course, author Jeff Sengstack introduces the Prelude workflow, showing how to ingest raw footage, transcode media to various file formats, assemble assets, and tag clips with searchable metadata. The course also demonstrates creating rough-cut sequences, trimming and rearranging clips, and exporting projects to Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Topics include:
  • Creating a project
  • Previewing clips in the Ingest panel
  • Transferring entire clips
  • Using the six marker types
  • Creating subclips with markers
  • Using marker templates
  • Sending assets to Premiere Pro


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jeff Sengstack. Welcome to Up and Running with Prelude CS6. In this course I'm gonna show you all the various steps that you go through inside Prelude. That workflow starts by ingesting, this is where you go out and identify clips that you want to transfer over to another location. Or transcode, and when you transcode clips your clips show up here inside the Prelude Project panel. Then you want to work on those clips, you work on them by adding markers. Those markers might include comments like this or a Subclip. Once you marked things up, close Prelude and take those clips and open them up inside Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro and those markers will show up there.

But you probably want to make a rough cut, where you take a number of clips and lay them down in a particular order. And once the rough cut is done you can export the project, put all of its media, and then open up inside of Premier or Final Cut Pro. So those are the basic steps I'm gonna explain in this course, Up and Running with Prelude CS6.

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