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Paste preview

Since the 80s, Windows has given us the ability to copy and paste, even from one application to another. We can copy an Excel chart and paste into the PowerPoint, and the computer does all the work. Office 2010 makes pasting even easier with the new Paste Preview feature, automatically enabled whenever new content is pasted. As I'm creating my presentation, my fourth slide is going to include a testimonial from one of our restaurants. I recall that our web site already has that Testimonial, right there on the front page.

Here it is. I'm going to go ahead and select it, because to save time I want to copy this and paste it into the text box on my new slide. I hit Ctrl+C to copy, switch back to PowerPoint, bring my mouse right there and hit Paste or Ctrl+V. You'll see that the text is pasted. This is nothing new, but what you should see is there's now a Paste Preview button right here, which I can access either by clicking or hitting Ctrl. The options that you see are going to vary based on what was copied. Since I copied text off a web site, I can paste using the Destination Theme for formatting, or keeping the original Source Formatting, or pasting it as just plain text.

Another option I have, if I hit undo, is to return to the Home tab, where under the Paste menu I can pull it down and choose the three options: one, two, or three. Notice how I can simply hover over these and see the result before I've even committed to pasting altogether. Now let's see how PowerPoint's Paste Preview feature works when we're pasting in something from Excel. To try this out, we're going to advance down to our Sales section and add a new slide.

We'll call this Quarterly Sales Figures, and we're going to open up one of our asset files. This is the Quarterly Sales Results. I'm going to go ahead and select all of the information here from Excel, hit Ctrl+C to copy, switch back to Microsoft PowerPoint, select the placeholder. At this point I can either hit Paste, Ctrl+V, but I'm going to pull down the Paste menu instead. Notice how we have different options. As I hover over these, we'll see what it's going to look like. Here's using Destination Styles, which actually creates a table. It doesn't use Microsoft Excel.

I can keep the source formatting, which does its best job, trying to create a table using Excel's formatting. I can embed it, which actually embeds the Excel spreadsheet right there in the PowerPoint, paste it as a picture, or just keep the text. Now we all know that these do different things, so I'm going to go ahead and just paste it as a picture instead, and there it is. Note that you can only affect your pasted content immediately after it's been inserted. Move onto something else, and you've lost your chance. You'll need to delete and re-paste your content again, and don't forget that this is a new feature that spans all of Office 2010.

Paste preview
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Paste preview provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Diskin as part of the PowerPoint 2010 New Features

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