PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training
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In PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training, author David Rivers demonstrates how to create effective slideshows and dynamic presentations using the tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2011. The course provides in-depth instructions for changing the look of presentations: using built-in and custom themes, formatting text, inserting tables and charts, adding pictures and SmartArt drawings, and adding animation. It also shows how to proof presentations and ready them for viewing, and gives details on the different ways to share presentations. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the Presentation Gallery
  • Adding, removing, and arranging slides
  • Working with slide layouts and slide masters
  • Using and creating templates
  • Adding and formatting text
  • Working with tables and charts
  • Inserting images
  • Adding video and sound to a presentation
  • Animating slide transitions and slide objects
  • Showing and sharing presentations
PowerPoint for Mac


- [Voiceover] Hi and welcome to Powerpoint 2011 Essential Training, I'm David Rivers. If you need to produce stunning presentations that keep you audiences engaged Powerpoint 2011 is the right program for you. We'll take a tour of the new and improved fluent user interface focusing mainly on the ribbon to get you feeling comfortable in your new surroundings. Then it's on to the basics of creating presentations from scratch. Whether they be blank presentations, or pre-formated presentations using one of the many templates available to you here in Powerpoint 2011.

We'll get into more complex functionality when we start customizing the layout and design of your presentation. This will involve extensive work with text. There's tables, charts, media, and special effects. Of course, presentations are usually made to be shared. So we'll discover and discuss ways to show and share your presentations with others. This will include exploring the various formats you can save your presentations to, as well as options for broadcasting a presentation.

So with so many topics to cover, let's get started.

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