PowerPoint 2010 New Features

with David Diskin
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PowerPoint 2010 New Features
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In PowerPoint 2010 New Features, David Diskin explores the latest version of Microsoft's presentation software. This course covers themes and transitions, the ability to add equations and over forty new SmartArt diagrams to presentations, new photo retouching and video editing features, and new ways to collaborate and share presentations across the Internet. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the Ribbon interface
  • Using the new Backstage View
  • Saving time with the Animation Painter
  • Styling a presentation with themes and transitions
  • Introducing new ways to work with video
  • Using the enhanced photo editing features such as cropping, removing backgrounds, and artistic effects
  • Broadcasting a presentation on the Web
  • Merging, comparing, and collaborating on presentations


Hi! I am David Diskin, Certified Master of Microsoft Office, and welcome to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 New Features. I've designed this course to be a quick journey through most of the changes and additions to Microsoft's latest release. So if you are already familiar with PowerPoint 2007 and you are either thinking about upgrading, or you already have, I think you'll enjoy the focus of this course. Here is a glimpse of new features that I am excited to demonstrate. First, we will split your presentation into sections for easier navigation, copy and pasting, and formatting control.

I'll demonstrate how to import video, and how you can easily trim it down to just the segments you want, add fades, and control volume. And speaking of video, we'll save your finished presentation as a video file that's perfect for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, or burning to a DVD. If you feel like you are not quite up to speed with PowerPoint and you want to learn all of its features from the ground up, I suggest you watch my Essential Training course instead. So if you are ready, let's go ahead and check out PowerPoint 2010's new features.

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