PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training

with David Diskin
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PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training
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In PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training, author David Diskin demonstrates how to engage an audience with images, video, sound, charts, and diagrams in professional presentations. The course also covers a variety of methods to share presentations with others, and provides comprehensive tutorials on how to design presentations that successfully deliver a quality message. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using the Office 2010 Backstage View
  • Using and customizing the Office 2010 ribbon
  • Starting a presentation from scratch
  • Applying slide layouts for consistency
  • Rearranging slides
  • Running a presentation for an audience
  • Formatting with font, color, bullets, and alignment
  • Adding and customizing photos, clip art, shapes, audio, and video
  • Applying picture effects such as background removal, brightness, and color effects
  • Modifying slide masters
  • Adding a logo to the background
  • Adding and customizing tables, charts, diagrams, and data from Excel
  • Printing a presentation
  • Sharing a presentation with others through video, the web, SharePoint, and PDF
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- Hi, I'm David Diskin, certified master of Microsoft Office and welcome to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Essential Training. This course is for all users, those brand new to PowerPoint and those who have experience with this version and other ones. Basically, there's something here for everyone. Let's take a glimpse of what I'll be covering in this course. For starters, we'll create a presentation from scratch, adding slides, bullets, and photos to help convey your idea. I'll show you how to use the built in themes, diagrams, and photo effects to create professional-looking presentations with very little effort.

Then I'll cover animating your slides and providing transitions between them that will add a touch of class to your presentation. You'll see how you can import video and easily trim it down to just the segments you want, add fades, and control volume. Then I'll demonstrate sharing your work with others over the web, on DVD, and on paper, and through all of this, I'll give you time-saving shortcuts and provide a little expert advice. So, get comfortable, grab your beverage of choice, and come with me as I show you the essentials of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

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