Up and Running with Pixelmator

with Richard Harrington
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Up and Running with Pixelmator
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Pixelmator is a full-featured image-editing tool for the Mac. It can enhance and repair images, but Pixelmator also offers a rich suite of design tools and support for Adobe file formats, so you can easily collaborate with other creatives. In this course, Rich Harrington gets you up and running with Pixelmator: working with files, making selections, designing with text and shapes, retouching images, and even painting and adding color and pattern effects. Once your project is finished, you'll learn how to export Pixelmator files in several popular formats for sharing and using in other web and design software packages.

Topics include:
  • Working with files
  • Making targeted adjustments with selections
  • Cropping and masking
  • Designing with layers
  • Working with text, painting, and the shape tools
  • Retouching an image
  • Enhancing and stylizing images or objects
  • Outputting specific files and creating graphics for other applications
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- Hi, my name's Rich Harrington and welcome to this course on Pixelmator. Pixelmator is both a image editing and drawing tool that can be used to create all sorts of graphical content. Whether you're a photographer or designer, the tool set is very well suited for both. What you'll find inside of Pixelmator is a rich collection of tools and in this course we're going to explore the complete workflow. First, we'll take a look at working with files. This includes opening files, making new files, as well as how you save those files in an editable format.

We'll also look at which file formats are fully supported and work well inside of Pixelmator. This includes both an 8-bit and 16-bit workflow for richer, truer color. Pixelmator offers several tools and if you've used other image editing software, you might find many of them very recognizable. The tool set is very robust and it allows you to get all sorts of tasks done, from selections to drawing to cropping. Speaking of selections, most of the advanced image adjustments you're going to do start with selections.

This means accurately selecting a range of color or an area of a photo. Once you have a good selection, you can do things like mask it to add transparency or make a targeted image adjustment. We'll then move into layers, a concept made popular by Adobe Photoshop. Layers let you organize the content as you build, keeping separate items on their own discrete layer. In fact, Pixelmator can even write and read Adobe Photoshop files in the layered format so this might give you some of the functionality you need to collaborate with other professionals.

We'll then explore designing with text using the built-in text functionality. Now, this is a robust text editor, but it relies heavily on OS X's text capabilities. So, if you're not very familiar with the operating systems tools, this might be a bit new. Once that's done, we'll explore retouching, removing blemishes, cloning out distracting areas, erasing things from an image. There's lots of different ways of working with the content and we'll explore all of the essential retouching tools. Once that's done, we'll move on to shapes, drawing things, adding particular graphical content, as well as creating custom shapes.

You can use drawing tools like the Pen tool or take graphic-based content and convert it to a shape as well. We'll also explore some general image adjustments, being able to make photos look their best, whether it's enhancing contrast with a curves adjustment, rolling the hue to remove a distracting color cast, or boosting the overall saturation. Pixelmator contains a rich suite of tools for both correction and enhancing or stylizing images. And once it?s all done, we?ll explore outputting files. Whether you?re saving for the web, getting ready to print, or need to make high quality digital files to exchange with others, Pixelmator offers a wide range of options.

My name's Rich Harrington, let's begin.

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