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Adding pins from the web

One of the easiest ways to start pinning things on Pinterest is to pin things that you find interesting on the web. And there's a variety of different ways that you can do this, the first of which is just to simply have the web address of the item that you're attempting to pin. So for instance, if I wanted to pin this photo that I found on Instagram, I could simply come up to the address bar in my web browser and copy the address: Command+C or Ctrl+C on my keyboard or Edit > Copy. Once I do that, I can navigate back to Pinterest; I can choose the Plus button, where it says Add; and I can choose Add a Pin.

This then tells me to put in the address of the pin, so I'll just paste it in with Command+V or Ctrl+V on my keyboard, or I could also go to Edit and choose Paste. Next I need to choose Find Images. Pinterest basically goes out and searches the URL that you've entered and finds any images on the page. Now, in this case I don't want the profile photo; I actually want the photograph. So I'll hit Next until the photo appears. I then get to tell it what board I want to put this pin on. So in this case I want to put it on the Photography board. Describe your pin: "A cool photo of a gorilla." Now if I wanted to pin this, I could click Pin It.

Once I do that, it's going to take me to the Pin page and right there is the photo, full size and everything. In addition to pinning via a web address, you can also install something called the Pin It button, which makes it even easier to pin things as you navigate the web. In order to install the Pin It button, you need to go to the About section in the Pinterest navigation and choose Pin It Button. The Pin It button looks like this, and all you have to do is drag this to your bookmarks bar. This is going to be a little different in each browser, but the cool thing about Pinterest is, no matter what browser you access this page from, it will give you the instructions on how to install it in your browser, and it also gives you a small video to explain it as well.

I am using Google Chrome, so all I have to do is go up to the View menu, choose Always Show Bookmarks Bar, and then take the Pin It button, drag it up, and release my mouse once it's over this gray area. The Pin It button appears. I can then navigate back to this photo and choose Pin It. When I hit Pin It, it's going to bring up this little box. I'll click Pin It, and it finds the photo, and it's also going to say the photo is by whomever and where it came from. This is a great way to give attribution. We are going to discuss attribution in detail a little bit later on, but for now just know that this automatically comes in by default, and I would leave it there, just out of respect.

You can add whatever you want to the front end of it, so I could say "A cool photo of a gorilla." Then I would space, hyphen, space, and we can choose Pin It. It's a success. Your pin was pinned to your Photography board. You can see your pin or you can even Tweet about it. In this case I am just going to close this window and I can go right back to browsing whatever site I was on. I never have to actually go to the Pinterest site. As long as I have this bookmark installed and I'm logged in to the Pinterest system, I can pin whatever I want from wherever I want. That's the easiest and quickest way to add a pin in my opinion.

If I close this and go back to Pinterest, I'll go back to my profile and I'll go to my Photography board and on my Photography board, you can see I actually pinned this item twice. So I've got A cool photo of a gorilla. This is the one that I put in the address with in the Add button, and then the second one, A cool photo of a gorilla, photo by thejustinseely on Instagram, and so this is the one that I used the Pin It button for. No matter how you add your pins to Pinterest, adding things from the web is definitely the easiest and quickest way to get things onto your pinboards so that you can save them and use them however you wish.

Adding pins from the web
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Adding pins from the web provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Justin Seeley as part of the Up and Running with Pinterest

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