Picasa 3 Essential Training

with Dane Howard
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Picasa 3 Essential Training
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In Picasa 3 Essential Training, Dane Howard demonstrates how the latest upgrade of this free program from Google will allow photographers to organize, share, and edit digital photos more easily and effectively than ever before. Dane shows newcomers and experienced users how to archive and share photos from a desktop or online. Exercise files accompany the course, but using personal media is encouraged.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the Picasa interface
  • Creating and managing web albums
  • Integrating Picasa and iPhoto workflows
  • Writing captions and text for photos
  • Creating and editing slideshows and movies
  • Using face recognition and geo-tagging to organize albums


(Music playing.) Hi! I'm Dane Howard. I'm here to welcome you to Picasa 3 Essential Training. In this course, I'll show you how this free download from Google combines the power of online web albums to make it easy to organize, edit, and share your photos with family, friends, and the world. First, I'll show you how to download Picasa 3 and we'll get familiar with the interface. We'll look at importing assets and explore the new desktop photo viewer. Then we'll get into the good stuff, editing tools for retouching and making automatic corrections.

I'll show you how to tint your photos, write captions for them, and even batch edit images. And of course, I'll go over several ways to share your photos on various platforms, like publishing your photos from a mobile device or even getting them into print. Plus, I'll show you how Picasa 3 gives you the tools to create and edit video. You will see how to create and manage web albums and use the new face recognition function to locate and organize your photos. There are a lot of features in this Picasa ecosystem that you'll see in these tutorials to make sharing your photos easy and dare I say even fun.

Now, let's get you editing and playing with Picasa 3 Essential Training.

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