Creative Inspirations: Ron Crabb, Digital Illustrator

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Creative Inspirations: Ron Crabb, Digital Illustrator
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Ron Crabb's art is almost undetectable, yet it has been seen by millions. He is a matte painter for major Hollywood films, such as X-Men, The Bucket List, and Speed Racer, and it is a compliment to say his work is undetectable. As a matte painter, Ron's role is to create imaginary scenes that look entirely real. Building on an early career in motion graphics, he has developed his incredible photorealistic style. He spent twenty years working with digital painting systems beginning well before the advent of Photoshop. Today, Ron uses a combination of Photoshop, CGI, photographs, and good old-fashioned painting skills to create stunningly realistic matte paintings, special visual effects, title sequences, and concept art for movies. He also creates fine art using the same set of skills. This installment of Creative Inspirations takes viewers a thousand miles from L.A. to Bainbridge Island, Washington to get a look at the career, work, and lifestyle of a man who escaped Hollywood only to master it at a distance.



(Music playing.) Ron Crabb: It's just a great way to do art, because your goal in art is just to create and at least it is for me. It's like how? I have got an idea, I want to get it in front of people. I am going to use whatever tools I can find, that I can do that with. It's almost for me, like I was cheating. You know I was like, okay, they can't illustrate, I can. Well, I am just going to use that. I am not going to try to be like them. At a very, very early age I was just sucking this stuff up and memorizing it and how does that feel, and what's that look, and the light coming through frozen ice on a creek and that it has to look real and that's -- there's this little fine line between having it look painted and then just bumping it over to where it looks real.

They didn't want any one specific look, but they wanted to have that exotic kind of Middle Eastern feel, that's not really defined to much what that is. And actually this was another -- just kind of as I was going thing I decided to add some facial tattoo things to her, because the whole idea of this category of my art was to create illustrations from a story that is implied that I don't really talk about. I leave that up to the viewers.

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