Photoshop CS Prepress Essentials

with Taz Tally
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Photoshop CS Prepress Essentials
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Photoshop CS Prepress Essentials with Taz Tally, Ph.D., is a movie-based tutorial designed to teach both graphics professionals and newcomers how to create, correct, and prepare Photoshop images for printing at commercial print shops. Following Taz's prepress tips allows Photoshop users to achieve predictable, consistent, top-quality printing results. The tutorial begins with digital image creation and handling fundamentals, including topics such as image resolution, scaling and simplification, and file format selection and configuration. Next, Taz covers more complex topics such as setting prepress-specific highlights and shadows, color correction for prepress, RGB to CMYK conversion, creating and printing duotones and spot colors, applying sharpening for printing, and trapping in Photoshop. Techniques for working faster and enhancing prepress workflow are also demonstrated. The tutorial's step-by-step instructions allow users to follow along using their own images, learning at their own pace.

Topics include:
  • Fundamental image adjustments
  • Resolution requirements
  • Calibration concepts
  • Process and spot colors
  • Highlight and shadows
  • Dot gain
  • Color correction
  • Image sharpening
  • Trapping
  • Avoiding problems


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