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Zoom preferences

In this movie, let's continue to talk about preferences, in particular general preferences. Now, we can open up the General Preferences on a PC by navigating to the Edit pulldown menu and choosing Preferences and then General. On a Mac, it's Photoshop > Preferences and then General. Or we can press the shortcut key. on a Mac/Command+K. On a PC, that's good old Ctrl+K. All right. Well, now it goes without saying that for the most part the default preferences are going to be good to go, yet you may want to tweak some of them based on your own likes and dislikes. So I'm not going to get into all the Preferences, just the ones that I think are more important.

All right. Well, for starters, we will skip the ones in the left because those are pretty good to go. The ones on the right, I want Animated Zoom on. I want Enable Flick Panning on. Why? Well, Animated Zoom, that's the one with the Zoom tool, with that real fluid zooming. Love it. Flick Panning that helps me move around the image more quickly with the Hand tool, definitely want that on. Now, Zoom Resizes Windows and Zoom Clicked Point to Center, I want to turn those on and let me show you why. I'm going to go ahead and exit out of the Preferences and here I have this photograph of my daughter Sophia. Now, when I zoom in with any of my Zoom techniques, you notice that I'm zooming in, yet the actual document window isn't changing size. I need to go ahead and stretch that out.

Now, you also notice that, say I want to zoom in on the hands down here. If I click on those hands and then go ahead and just zoom in, they still stay at the bottom portion of the image. So I'll go ahead and zoom out and I'll do that by double clicking the Hand tool, which will fit that image on the screen, and I'll zoom out even further by pressing Command+Minus on a Mac/Ctrl+Minus on a PC. Okay, back to Preferences. Photoshop > Preferences, and General on a Mac; again on a PC you can find that by going to Edit > Preferences. Well, I want to click on the option so that Zoom Resizes the Window, definitely. I also want to click on the option that Zoom Clicked Point to Center; it actually refocuses where the image is.

Now, I'm going to leave Zoom with Scroll Wheel off, and here is why. There are so many amazing ways to zoom inside of Photoshop, that's one of those options that I don't turn on, because I have all these other ways for zooming; again, it's going to be based on your own likes and dislikes. I'll go ahead and click OK. Now, when I zoom in or out, see what happens. I'll click the Zoom tool and I'm going to go ahead and zoom in; you notice how it's resizing the document window. Hold down the Option key on a Mac, Alt key on a PC, and I'll zoom out; again, it's resizing that document window. Now, let's say I want to focus in on those hands down there. I'll zoom in and I'll keep doing that. Now, you notice that it's actually refocusing the image, so it brought those hands up to the center of the screen, because we had that Zoom preference on.

One little last shortcut for you, double click the Hand tool, it takes it so that image fits on your screen. All right. Well, we have more preferences to cover. We will do that in the next few movies.

Zoom preferences
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Zoom preferences provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

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