Working with the Application bar

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Working with the Application bar

All right, well now then we know a little bit about how the Tools panel works, what we are going to do is focus in on another important aspect of the Photoshop interface and it's called the Application Bar. Now you can find the Application Bar at the top of the Photoshop interface and we are going to be focusing in on this in the next few movies. All right, well for starters, you will notice we have the Photoshop icon there, great. Well, next to it we have the Bridge icon. If I click that it will open or launch Bridge. Now you remember the shortcut to launch Bridge right? On the Mac its Command+Options+O, on the PC Ctrl+ Alt+O, press that shortcut and then it will launch Bridge.

Now one of the things that's interesting in regards to Applications Bar is you can either click on icons or you can click on shortcut to do the same thing. So I'm going to show you both techniques as we progress through these next few movies. All right, well in this movie we are going to focus in on this icon here. Now when I click on this icon it gives you the ability to show or hide Guides, Grids, and Rulers. Now I can obviously turn these options on by clicking on this menu item here, so I'll go ahead and show all those. Now when I do that, I say, okay that looks pretty good. How then do I bring out the Guides? Oh yeah, I remember. Click in the Ruler and drag those out. It's a little bit difficult to see that Guide. So I want to get rid of the Grid, so I'll click on the icon there and I'll hide the Grid by clicking on that option, now I can see my guideline.

Now I'm going to go ahead and click and drag another guideline, except I really wish I had a vertical guide. Now I can of course put this one back and then grab one from the Ruler on this side, except my ruler is underneath the Tools panel. Well, here is an easier technique, grab one of those Guides, now hold down the Option key on the Mac/Alt key on a PC. It will then flip or rotate that so that it is vertical, how cool is that. Now you can think of that shortcut key, the Option or the Alt key, kind of it's a renegade shortcut key. Again for the Mac Option, for the PC Alt and I mean it's a renegade shortcut key because it wants to do its own thing. It's a shortcut key that flips a lot of the logic inside of Photoshop. Okay, great, well now we have those guides so let's go ahead and bring back the Grid. We can of course click on the icon and then show the Grids.

Well, we have seen how we can show or hide these extras by way of clicking on the icon in the Application Bar. Well, there are some shortcuts that are incredibly helpful and I want to share those with you now. Well, the nice thing about these shortcuts is they all start with the same key. On the Mac it's the Command key, on a PC that's the Ctrl key. So let's say, I want to show or hide the Rulers, on the Mac press the Command, on a PC press the Ctrl key then press R that hides it, press it again brings it back. Okay, well, let's go ahead and turn those off. All right, well we have learned about the Rulers, what about the Guides and the Grids? Well, press the Command key on the Mac/Ctrl key on a PC and then press the Semicolon button. All right, that shows or hides the Guides and then the key right next to that one, the Apostrophe key; that will show or hide the Grid. Of course you have to press Command on the Mac/Ctrl on the PC and then Apostrophe.

And now those extras are hidden and we have learned a little bit more about the Photoshop CS4 interface.

Working with the Application bar
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Working with the Application bar provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

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