Why use video in Photoshop?

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Why use video in Photoshop?

When Adobe Photoshop CS6 was announced with video editing features, many people asked, why? And it's a legitimate question. However it's important realize that Photoshop and video have a long history together. Photoshop was started, in part, as a tool for Industrial Light & Magic; an engineer who worked there, by John Knoll, and his brother Thomas put the tool together. It's got a long history of working on film and video projects. Even recent versions of Adobe Photoshop gave us the ability to open up video files, and edit individual clips.

There was a timeline in Photoshop Extended. There was the ability to color correct and modify video. Was it a great experience? Not necessarily, and it wasn't even something that many people could do, since it was isolated to the Photoshop Extended version, which only came with certain versions of the Suite, or was a more expensive upgrade that many people didn't take. So Photoshop and video is nothing new, it's just dramatically better, which takes us back to the, why would I want to edit video in Photoshop? Well, the real answer to that question is simple, because you want to. If you don't want to edit video in Photoshop, you shouldn't watch this class. If you're perfectly comfortable working in a tool like Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut X, you might not need Photoshop.

Photoshop is a very streamlined tool that's designed to give you just what you need for basic video editing. It's essentially there to help millions of photographers and designers get all that the DSLR and other video, off their hard drives and start putting it into action. If you need to fix a few shots, it's a great tool. If you need to assemble a short video for the web, it's a really good tool. It's got a lot of features, and I think what really stands out is the seamless ability to color correct using the Photoshop tools you know and love, as well as the ability to have a nice, simple interface for assembling video clips together quickly.

Now when you are all done, there are lots of robust publishing options, so you can create professional quality files, DPX image sequences to put it into any professional workflow, or you can go direct to friendly formats for the web like H.264 or Flash video. Really though, answer this for yourself. Do you want to edit video in Photoshop, or are you more comfortable with another tool? Photoshop has a great interface for color correction and for simplified editing, but if you have a complex project with hundreds of clips and hours of footage to go through, Photoshop probably is not the right tool. Think fast, think quick. Get it off the hard drive, get it put together and get it published. That's what it's all about.

Why use video in Photoshop?
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Why use video in Photoshop? provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Richard Harrington as part of the Editing Video in Photoshop CS6

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