Design the Web: Clipping Masks

with Chris Converse
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Design the Web: Clipping Masks
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In this course, author Chris Converse shows you how to use clipping masks to create interesting web design effects in Adobe Photoshop, while leaving the original images unharmed. Learn how to clip photography behind type, create a custom clipping shape with the Paint and Erase tools, create silhouetted images, and limit layer adjustments to specific layers.

This course was created and produced by Chris Converse, and is honored to host this content in our library.

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Introduction to clipping masks in Photoshop

- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Chris Converse. And in this lesson, we're gonna take a look at how we can use clipping masks inside Photoshop to create non-destructive design effects for our composition. We'll clip photography into live-text layers. We'll apply effects onto the text layer, which will then be applied after the photography's been clipped in. And we're even gonna look at alternate ways to create silhouetted photography by combining the eraser tool and the paintbrush tool, along with clipping mask shapes. And, finally, we'll take a look at how we can add layer adjustments into clipping groups as well so that we can adjust only parts of our composition and not the entire canvas.

So I hope this sounds interesting and if so, let's get started.

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