Use Review Mode to Filter out Rejects in Photoshop CS5

show more Using Review mode to filter out rejects provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Michael Ninness as part of the Photoshop CS5 Essential Training show less
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Using Review mode to filter out rejects

So what I want to teach you here in this video is the most efficient way to filter out the images that you would want to keep. We call those your keepers. Now, in this particular photo shoot, I happen to know there were over 500 shots in a couple hours that the photographer shot the subject matter here. And whittling that down to the ten or so images that you're going to keep to represent the best shots of that day, it can be a pretty laborious process. Lots of different ways people have approached this using Bridge. I'm going to give you what I think is the most efficient way to do it.

So obviously, in this particular example, we've already narrowed down the subset to a more manageable number for the teaching of this concept. So imagine that there are 500 images that you need to wade through. Here we've only got it down to about 44. So the trick here is to use a very specific mode that's built into Bridge to help you with this very problem. Under the View menu is a mode called Review mode, and there's a keyboard shortcut for it: Command+B or Ctrl+B. I'm just going to choose Review mode here. And you didn't have to have anything selected. What it does is it puts all the images that are currently being shown in that Content panel into this carousel-like mode.

I know some people who first saw this feature thought it was kind of gimmicky, but it actually has a lot of value. What this lets you do is that at any given time, you can see the next image and the previous image or at least a little bit of that. So you have context of where you are at any given time in your photo shoot. And as you might expect, you just use your arrow keys to go forward and backwards. So the Right Arrow to go the next image, the Left Arrow to go to the previous image. You can see the name of the image there. If you want to go ahead and rate them you can by clicking these little dots.

Or you can just press a number. So for instance if I type the number 5, that makes it a five-star image. So as you're viewing these images in the carousel mode here, the Review mode, you can go ahead and mark them and rate them. I'm actually going to not do that. You'll see why in just a minute. I'm going to press a 0 to take away that star rating here. Now if you want, you can use the on-screen navigation control. So right, left to go to the next, previous. The Down Arrow is a way to drop an image from the carousel. I consider it the reject move.

Now you can also use the Down Arrow on the keyboard. It just makes it a lot easier to keep your hands on the keyboard to do this process here. So as I go through here, an image I don't care about, I'm just going to drop it from the carousel. So I just press the Down Arrow. There's the next image. Okay, do I want to keep that one? If so, just press the Right Arrow and move on. Okay, I don't want that one so I'm going to drop it. I'm going to drop this one. And rather than keep saying that over and over again, I'm just going to very quickly go through these and decide to keep or reject them. So I'm going to reject that one. I'd like that one.

So well, let's see here, do I like this one or do I like this one? Well, I think this one is better. So let's go back to this one, just using the Left Arrow and we'll drop it. Okay, I like this one. I kind of like that one too. Let's drop this one. Oh, but what if I change my mind? So I accidentally dropped the previous image. I want to bring it back. What do you think the keyboard shortcut is for that? Down to drop, right? So the Up Arrow to change your mind and bring it back. Pretty handy there. So I don't have any access to menu commands here because they're all hidden. So the Up and Down Arrows. Down to drop, Up to bring back the last one you dropped.

So you can't keep hitting the Up Arrow to bring back previous drops. You can only undo, if you will, the last image that you've dropped. Alright, let's continue our review and decide which ones we're going to drop and keep. And I'm just going to keep pressing the Down Arrow on the ones I don't like. On the ones I do like, I'm just going to use the Right Arrow to go to the next image. Okay, I'm going to keep those three. Drop. I'm going to drop that. I'm going to keep that. Drop, drop, keep, drop. So you can see I'm doing this very, very quickly.

And just cull these down to the ones that you want to keep pretty quickly. I'm going to keep that one, move on, drop, drop, drop, drop. This is a tough one. This one or that one? I'll drop that one. Keep that one, drop, drop. Okay, so I whittled it down. I have gone through all of them. And now you can actually see the set of keepers that you like. I think I've got it down to about 10 or so. And that's it. When I escape out of the Review mode, I'll just press the Escape key on my keyboard or I can click the little X in the right-hand corner on the screen itself, and watch what happens when I do this.

When I press Escape or press that X with the mouse, I come back to the Content panel inside Bridge and you can see all your keepers are selected. So you didn't have to worry about trying to rate them during the Review mode, because when you get out of the Review mode, all the ones that you said you liked are right there waiting for you to act on. So it stands to reason we should probably mark these in some way to preserve our selections. So a couple of different ways to do that. Let's use the easy method of using the Label menu. And under the Label menu I can apply a star rating or a label down here as well.

I'm going to ahead and just make these five-star ratings. Now I've protected these all the ones that I care about, have the five-star label, and I can always go back and easily identify those later on tomorrow or next week when I come back and want to work on these pictures if I'm not going to act on them right now. So that's a very quick way to filter out through this massive set of images just down to the ones that you really want to care about and keep. We call those our selects.

Using Review mode to filter out rejects
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Using Review mode to filter out rejects provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Michael Ninness as part of the Photoshop CS5 Essential Training

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