Using the Kuler web site

show more Using the Kuler web site provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Nigel French as part of the Photoshop for Designers: Color show less
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Using the Kuler web site

I am on the Kuler website, kuler. and here we can create color palettes much in the same way as we create them in Photoshop or indeed within InDesign or Illustrator. You set your base color and you can do that either using these sliders or you can do it numerically based upon HSV, I use V for Value as supposed to B for Brightness, but it's the same thing as HSB in Photoshop, RGB CMYK or Lab. Or you can just move your color around the color wheel and then you select your rule, Analogous, Monochromatic, etcetera.

And then when you like the color palette, you give it a title, then you click on Save. And then you have the option of downloading it from the website and then using it in Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign. You download it as an ASE, an Adobe Swatch Exchange file. In order to be able to do that, you must have an Adobe ID, takes just a few minutes and it's free to set up, so definitely worthwhile doing. Well, you may be thinking that's great, but there is nothing here that we can't already do from within Photoshop itself, except there is this one very important and very cool thing that we can do here, and that's create a color palette from an image.

And here we have an image that I've uploaded, happen to particularly like this image and like the colors in it. I want to use the colors; maybe because I need to combine other elements and I want those elements to have colors suggested from the colors in the image. And I can choose one of these different Moods that it gives me to get slightly different results. And if none of these are really ticking the boxes that I want them to tick, then I can just move these sample points around, and I'm creating a custom color theme.

I give the theme a Title, I am going to call it fish market and let's say I'll just refine that a little bit, okay, and give it some tags if I want, make it easier to find in a search. I am not going to worry about that now; I am just going to click on the Save. And then we are taken to the screen where there is a list of other themes that I have created. I am now going to download this theme, so that I can use it in one of my projects. And to do that, I click on this second button, Download this theme as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file.

I'm going to save it into my Chapter 01 folder, but you would save it presumably in your relevant project folder. And now in any of my created suite products, I can come to the Swatches panel, choose Load Swatches, and the colors are added to my Swatches panel, and I can now apply those colors to any of my selected items.

So that's something that we can do within Kuler, upload an image and have the Kuler website generate a color theme for us.

Using the Kuler web site
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Using the Kuler web site provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Nigel French as part of the Photoshop for Designers: Color

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