Up and Running with Photoshop CS6

with Chad Perkins
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Up and Running with Photoshop CS6
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Adobe Photoshop is more than just an image editing application—it is a foundational staple in all the visual arts, from print design, to photography, to web design, to motion graphics and 3D graphics. In this course, Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins covers the basics of Photoshop. Learn about the components of visual images, making selections, color correcting, fixing images, outputting images, and much more. This course uses Photoshop CS6, but the information presented is applicable to all versions of the application.

Topics include:
  • Getting images into Photoshop
  • Creating and navigating documents
  • Working with layers
  • Cropping and straightening images
  • Color correction
  • Making selections
  • Fixing image problems
  • Working with effects
  • Creating and editing text
  • Exporting and printing
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- [Voiceover] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this training course on Adobe Photoshop. On behalf of Video to Brain, my name is Chad Perkins. I've been an Adobe certified expert in Photoshop for over a decade now. Photoshop is used obviously by photographers in print when it comes to using images, but it's also used in video editors and visual effects. And allow me really quick just to give you a brief tour of some of the cool things we'll be making throughout this course. One of the things is we're gonna make this collage from scratch.

We're gonna take a regular old photo of some tables and stuff and a photo of regular old cement and we're going to combine those into this cool collage. We're also gonna look at some cool photo manipulation techniques. We're gonna start with this blonde woman in a yellow dress and we're gonna believably give her blue hair and a blue dress. And we're also going to take this night scene with these trees, created from scratch in Photoshop, and we're gonna duplicate them and arrange them. We're also gonna learn how to quickly and easily remove blemishes, even big blemishes like this, in just a quick paint stroke.

Also we'll go a little bit into graphic design. I'll give you some tips and tricks on how to create text and how to incorporate text into a graphic design. We'll also make some fine art. We're gonna take these little simple paint strokes and we will make them into this really cool little art project. And we'll also look at how to take a regular old photo that's not that amazing and we'll turn it into a beautiful painting. And finally we'll also get a little bit more into graphic design, creating shapes and textures for this baby announcement.

So as you can see, we're gonna run the gamut. We're gonna take you from absolutely nothing to making all this cool stuff throughout this training course.

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