UX Design Tools: Photoshop

with Justin Putney
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UX Design Tools: Photoshop
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The UX Design Tools series makes the connection between early UX creative processes, like wireframing and prototyping, with the tools and techniques necessary to create a successful product design. This installment delves into the power of Adobe Photoshop. Justin Putney shows you how to create and edit live shapes, a key component in wireframes; store and display different application states with layer comps; export images and multilayer comps for sharing with clients and developers; and much more.

Topics include:
  • Setting up files
  • Building live shapes with the Rectangle tool
  • Using character and paragraph styles
  • Organizing content into layers
  • Building layer comps
  • Creating and reapplying custom shapes
  • Using Smart Objects to group and store elements
  • Saving and using layer effects
  • Exporting artwork


- [Voiceover] Welcome to UX Design Tools: Photoshop. I'm Justin Putney. In this course you'll learn how to set up your files and how to create and edit live shapes. You'll also learn how to save and reuse character and paragraph styles. You'll learn about organizing content into layers and how to layer comps to store and display different application states. You'll learn about creating and re-applying custom shapes as well as how to use Smart Objects to group and store elements.

We'll dive into saving and using layer effects and finally, you'll learn how to export your wire frames as both single images and multi-layer comps so you can share them with clients as well as developers. So let's get started with UX Design Tools: Photoshop.

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