The Tilt-Shift filter

show more The Tilt-Shift filter provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Tim Grey and Olaf Giermann as part of the Photoshop CS6 New Features Overview show less
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The Tilt-Shift filter

Tilt-Shift Lenses are thought of primarily as architectural lenses, because they allow you to correct for perspective in a scene. Based on the angle from which you're shooting, for example. But because of the behaviors available with the Tilt-Shift lens, you're also able to accomplish some rather creative effects in your photography. Photo Shop CS6 now includes a filter that simulates some of the effects that you can achieve with the Tilt-Shift lens. Let's take a look. So that we can get a better sense of the before and after. I'm going to create a duplicate of this image.

So I'll go to the Image menu. And then choose > Duplicate. And then click OK, in the Duplicate Image dialog. I'll go to the Filter menu and choose Blur, followed by Tilt Shift, and this will bring up the controls for the Tilt Shift Blur effect. One of the more creative uses of a Tilt-Shift lens is to achieve a very narrow depth of field in a scene. And make the image look as though it were actually a miniature model. So, we have an image of a city here If I adjust the position of this blur. So that we're not getting any blur on the taxi, for example, I can then adjust the size and angle of that blur area.

I'll narrow this in, so that it's only affecting the taxi area itself, meaning that the blur is going to stretch out beyond the taxi. And you can already start to get a sense of the effect. We're getting a little bit of a miniaturization, almost a diorama type of effect, where the taxi almost seems like a model set in an artificial scene. I'll go ahead and adjust the degree of blur for example. And we can also adjust the distortion. Either positive or negative distortion. And that will effect the areas that are being blurred.

It gives us a little bit different effect between a strong distortion and a relatively modest distortion. But it also plays on the degree of blur. So you'll see a different effect dependent on how much blur you've applied to the image. And generally speaking, the more blur, the less obvious that distortion will be. I'll go ahead and apply a relatively strong blur in this case. Notice that we can also adjust that blur using the control here in the center of the image. The control points that we defined when we initially added the blur effect.

I'll go ahead and fine-tune, adding a little bit more blur here. And we can fine tune the overall range of that blur, the position from which it will start to transition into blur. That's looking pretty good. I think we've got a nice effect here, and I also like the way the overall scene now looks like a model as well. Looks like it's a diorama scene that was created, just for this little model of a taxi cab. We can also ensure that the distortion is symmetrical which in most cases won't make a significant impact on the image. And you can fine tune the Boca effect as well.

For example adjusting the degree of distortion in light areas as well as adjusting the color effect for the Boca. But in this case I think I'll leave those adjustments alone because I'm really just focused on that miniaturization type of effect. I'll go ahead and click OK, in order to apply the final effect. I do think, in this case, we could use to crop out some of the sky. So, I'll switch to the Crop tool and get rid of some of the sky there. I might also apply a little bit of rotation in order to straighten up the line in the building. That looks to be pretty good.

I'll go ahead and apply that crop. And now I'll switch back and forth between the original image and the modified image. And you can really get a sense of the effect created by that Tilt Shift Blur. We're really producing an image that looks almost artificial, almost like a diorama. A model that was created, rather than a photograph taken in the real world.

The Tilt-Shift filter
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The Tilt-Shift filter provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Tim Grey and Olaf Giermann as part of the Photoshop CS6 New Features Overview

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