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Taking notes

In the previous movie I talked about how it's important to try to simplify the process for learning Photoshop and let's take a look at another tip that could help us simplify this process. This tip come to us by way of an experience that I had. A number of years ago I was living in Madrid, Spain, and while I was there I was learning how to speak Spanish. A friend of mine said, Chris, you know what? You need to have a little small notebook, and you need to put that notebook in your back pocket, carry it with you everywhere, and then write down all the new words that you are learning in this notebook. So I did that. Of course I had other notebooks with other notes in them, yet I had this small notebook that had some of the most important things that I was learning, the vocabulary. It helped me expand my vocabulary, so that eventually I was able to become fluent in Spanish.

Now, I think that can kind of help us out in Photoshop as well. Yeah, we need to take notes in large notebooks like these, but then I think it might be a good idea to have a small notebook, and in that small notebook write down some of the more important things that you are learning, otherwise what happens is you have this big notebook with all this information in it, and then there's a shortcut right here, on page 15 let's say, are you ever going to really be able to find that shortcut? Well no, because it's buried inside of the rest of the information. Again, so for me, when I'm learning new software application or learning something new about Photoshop, I have a small notebook, where I'm writing down some of the more important things that I'm learning.

Now, of course there are some other ways that you can take notes as well that can really help you learn how to use Photoshop. Now, this next example comes to us form one of my previous students, Elena. She was working on a previous version of this training, and she took these notes as she was going throughout the training, and the notes were absolutely stunning. She sent me a PDF of these, and they are so absolutely just hands-down beautiful. You can see the full PDF at Yet one of the things that I was struck with in regards to the way that she took notes is one, she was taking notes in a way that was authentic to her. She is obviously very creative, she is very artistic, so her notes are creative and they are very artistic, and they are very visual. When you take notes in a way that's authentic to you, it will really help you learn the subject matter.

All right. Well, why am I spending all this time talking about how to take notes? Well, for starters, I think that Photoshop can be a little bit complex, and what I want to do throughout this training is help you simplify that process. Even more, I think the content or the subject matter of what we are learning is so much fun and it helps you create so many amazing things, that it's really worth it. So again, my hope for you is that you come up with a technique for taking notes that will help you retain all this information so that you can then apply what you have learned in these training movies to your own workflow.

Taking notes
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Taking notes provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

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