Seeing the new Tools panel

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Seeing the new Tools panel

In this movie we are going to start to talk about the new and improved Photoshop CS4 interface. Well, why then do I have a photograph of my wife Kelly on the screen? Well, a quick story, a couple of weeks ago I was wrestling and playing with my daughters Annika and Sophia in the living room. And my wife walked in the living room after having been gone for a few hours. And I thought to myself something is different. Think quickly, Chris, what is it? What is different? Then it dawned on me, she got a haircut. And when I first looked at Photoshop and looked at the Photoshop CS4 interface, I thought I recognized everything, yet it's a little bit different. It's a little bit more simple. What's really changed? What we are going to do in this movie is talk about some of the changes that have been made in the toolbox, which is now called the Tools panel.

Well, you can find the Tools panel over here on the left hand side. I'll go ahead and click and drag that out of its dock so now it's free floating. We can have that flow over our images; we can dock that in other positions, on the right side as well. Although my preference is to have it over here on the left. Well, nothing new so far. We do know that we can change this from a single row of tools to two rows. Again my preference is to have a single row. Yeah, what's actually changed? Well, in order to focus on what's changed, what we need to do is step back for a moment and examine the toolbox in Photoshop CS3. So I'll go ahead and minimize the interface here and go to a Screen Grab that I have of the CS3 toolbox.

All right, well we recognize that. All right, we see all the tools and we notice that there is a logo there, that's not there now. Well, what are some of the main differences? Well, here is the CS4 tool box and let's go ahead and really zero in on how this has changed? Well, one of the things we notice for start is it's much more simple; there aren't boxes around the tools. Now one of the things that they have done with interface obviously is they have cleaned it up, they have made it much more simple and I'm all for that. They have actually done that across all the board with the CS4 applications. Another thing that you will notice is that there are some different tools. Now this is the toolbox for Photoshop CS4 Extended, in this case I have some video tools here. But let's jump through these. Well, up top I have some Selection tools and I have the Crop and Slice tool, I have a bunch of measuring tools here. Then I have all of my retouching and painting tools and you can see those here. Then I have some drawing and Type tools. Finally, I have some 3D and Navigation tools down at the bottom and then I have the Color Picker and then the Quick Mask icon.

What about the different Full Screen View modes? In order to see those we need to go back to the Photoshop interface. So I'm going to bring that all back here and then I'll turn off my layer so we have a nice white background so we can focus in on the task at hand. So the different Full Screen View modes, those can be found up here and we can click on the different options here or you can simply press the shortcut key which is the F key to toggle through the different Full Screen View modes. Remember that F goes forward and then Shift+F goes backwards between those different view modes.

Now keep in mind if you don't like that shortcut, no big deal, simply click on this icon here to go to those different View modes. Now, my intent with this movie hasn't been to show you everything that's changed to regards the Photoshop CS4 interface. Yet my hope is that this movie has helped you begin to know how you can think about this interface changes and realize that things are much more simple. And for the most part, most of the tools are on the same location yet a few of them have been relocated and even more as we progress through this training you are going to become very intimate with this interface. So the good news is that the interface has been cleaned up. It's much more simple, it's much more easy to use which ultimately means we can be more efficient, more productive and more creative.

Seeing the new Tools panel
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Seeing the new Tools panel provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

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