How to Save Multiple Files in Camera Raw with Photoshop

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Saving multiple files in Camera Raw

When we take multiple images in the camera raw, and make edits to them, then we have the ability, to save out all of the files at once, which can really help, boost our productivity. Let's select, these images, in bridge, and then use the keyboard shortcut, CMD R to open them all up in camera raw, I want to crop, all of these images, to a specific aspect ratio. I want to crop them all to 4 by 6, or to 2 by 3, that's the same aspect ratio, because, I want to output them at 4 by 6 inches, at 300 pixels per inch.

I'll select the crop tool and I'm going to choose, the 2 by 3 aspect, ratio. Then, I'll click and drag out, my crop marquee, for the first image. I'll move to the second image and click and drag out, my second marquee. If I need to reposition it, I can do so. Then, we'll move to the third image and click and drag the last marquee. I'll go ahead and tap Enter or Return, that's going to apply the crop and put the tool back. Now, I want to save, all of these images, at, one time.

So, in the upper left, I'll click Select All, and then, I'll choose, Save Images. Because, the crop tool, only determines, the aspect ratio, I actually, need to go in and re-size these images if I want them to be a specific size, but, first let's take a look at the destination. I'm going to save, them in the same location, I am going to append, the, file name. In this case, I'm going to type in, 4 by 6 and I'm going to save them, in the Photoshop file format, with only the copywright and contact information.

I don't want camera raw, to reserve the crop pixels, so I'll leave that unchecked. Then we'll scroll down and I'm going to resize, these images to fit. I've selected long side for my option, I need to change the long side to 6 inches, that way it doesn't matter, if the image is horizontal or vertical. The longer side, is going to be 6 inches, at 300 pixels per inch. If I want to, I can apply sharpening, in this instance, I'm going to print them to a matte paper and i'll choose, the standard amount of sharpening.

Once I click" save," Camera Raw will go ahead and save all three of those images. Now, if I had a 100 or 200 images, I could go through the same process and in fact, if I needed to save out in two different file formats, I wouldn't even have to wait, until the first batch was processed. I could always, go into" save images" even, while it's processing and change my settings. So say, for example, I wanted to export another set of images. The same size, but in this case, I want to export them as JPEGs.

I would select JPEGs, all of the settings. I could refine, any of the other options, that I want to. In this case, I would just, maybe, want to sharp the first screen, and then I click, save. Once, I've saved out those files, we'll go ahead, and click done, and you can see, in ,Bridge, all three sets. The ones that are selected, are, my original files. Then we have the JPEG files, and we have the PSD files, so, saving directly, from within camera roll, can be a fast and easy way, to save out multiple copies of our files, in different formats, for, different uses.

Saving multiple files in Camera Raw
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Saving multiple files in Camera Raw provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Julieanne Kost as part of the Photoshop CC Essential Training

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