Reviewing the other preferences

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Reviewing the other preferences

In this movie, we are going to finish up our conversation about Preferences. Now there are just a few Preferences here that I want to highlight. Right now, I'm in Units & Rulers. Now for Units & Rulers you want to go to inches. That make sense to us, right, because we are using Photoshop from a photographic perspective. Column Size is fine. New Document Preset Resolutions. Now this is pretty interesting. The Print Resolution is set to 300 pixels per inch. Now that's going to define the print resolution whenever you open up a new document. So let's go and change this to 240. I do most of my printing at 240, so I'll select 240 there, click OK and then navigate to File > New and I'm going to choose a new U.S Paper size, in this case Letter, eight-and-half, height eleven and what Resolution? 240, well, it remembers that resolution, that I set my Preference. I'll go ahead and press Cancel, Command+K on Mac, Ctrl+K on PC, bring back those Preferences,. Now if you are going to work at 300 pixels per inch we can go and change that to 300.

Again, be sure to set that to whatever print resolution you are using most frequently. All right, well, let's go ahead and jump down on our Preference list. Guides > Grids & Slices. All of these default settings are going to be fine, for everything that we are going to be doing here. Plug-Ins, we are good to go there. The last Preference we want to look at is Type. Now the one thing that you may want to change is your Font Preview Size. Now I love this menu. One of my favorite menus inside of Photoshop and here is why. You have the option of Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large or Huge. I think that's great that they included that.

Now what's this actually means? I'll choose Large here and click OK, then grab that Type tool by pressing the T key on the keyboard, now click on the Font Selection Box there and now we can see that I have a really large font preview. Now that's nice, because I can actually see what the font is going to look like and I say, you know what? Nail Scratch, that's the font I want to use. Yet the problem with this is when I scroll through these, it takes me forever to scroll through my list of fonts because the font size is so big. So you are going to need to customize that Preference setting. Let's press Command+K on the Mac, Ctrl+K on the PC, go back to Type and you are going to need to customize it to the amount of fonts you have and how big you actually want to see those fonts. Now, on my own workflow, I find that Large worked really well, so I'll click OK, go back Type tool and then there we can see a nice large Preview of those and that's big enough for me to be able to determine if that font is good enough.

Reviewing the other preferences
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Reviewing the other preferences provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

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