Restoring Photos with Photoshop CS6

with Tim Grey
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Restoring Photos with Photoshop CS6
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When converting old photos to a digital format, you may often run across images that have suffered from the ravages of time, or that were poorly exposed or otherwise flawed in the first place. In this workshop author and expert Tim Grey shares techniques for bringing old photos to life, from fixing torn or otherwise damaged areas of a photo to improving the level of detail to adding color where it didn't exist before. Plus, learn how to work nondestructively so you never lose important information and how to save your master image with layers intact so you can make more changes down the line.

Topics include:
  • Choosing your source image
  • Adding metadata
  • Image restoration strategy
  • Working with layers
  • Evaluating before and after
  • Tonal and color adjustments
  • Image cleanup
  • Adjusting detail
  • Saving the master image
  • Creating a print or online version
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Hello, I'm Tim Grey. One of the primary reasons I enjoy photography is the notion of capturing memories, and one of the reasons I've spent so many years working to help photographers improve their digital skills is to help them make the most of their photographic memories. In this course, I'm going to really help you make the most of photographic memories through photo restoration. We'll start off with some simple image clean-up techniques aimed at simple blemishes in your photos. I'll also help you build a foundation of non-destructive and flexible techniques that will ensure you're always able to return to your important photos to fine tune your corrections and improve the final result.

With a solid understanding of the basics of image clean up, we'll then delve into some specialized techniques that are especially helpful for the challenges related to restoring old photographic images. From fixing torn, or otherwise damaged areas of a photo to improving the level of detail, to adding color where it didn't exist before, you'll discover a wide range of effective techniques that will improve the appearance of photographic images that have been ravaged by time and the elements. So, join me as we take a look at a wide variety of tools and techniques for improving the appearance of old images that could use a little bit of help.

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