Recolorizing a Photograph with Photoshop

with John Derry
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Recolorizing a Photograph with Photoshop
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Interested in honing your colorization skills? Our new practice course shows how to exercise your Photoshop muscle, by taking a desaturated image and painting the color back in. John Derry also shows how to choose the best blend mode for your work and how to save your adjustments in layer groups that are easy to toggle on and off. When you're done, you can compare your results to John's copy as well as the original color image.

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- {Voiceover] Hi I'm John Derry and I'd like to welcome you to Recolorizing a Photograph. In this mini course I will introduce you to a great technique for sharpening your colorizing skills. Plus we'll tackle a couple of colorizing situations that aren't exactly obvious. I found that practicing techniques like this is a great way to improve your skills. This mini course is for people who have already taken my course Colorizing Black and White Photos with Photoshop. So if you haven't seen that course first be sure to check it out.

Now let's get started with Recolorizing a Photograph.

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