Portrait Project: Changing a Studio Background

with Chris Orwig
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Portrait Project: Changing a Studio Background
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Studio portraits can sometimes benefit from the visual interest a new backdrop can provide. In this installment of Portrait Project, Chris Orwig shows how to remove a subject from a studio environment and place her against a different background. First, Chris shows how to crop the portrait and improve details in Camera Raw. Then, in Photoshop, he shows how to make a selection, refine its edges, and convert it to a mask, and combine it with another image. In the second half of the course, he covers how to make the subject look at home in her new environment using a hand-painted darkening effect, blur, and color and tone adjustments.



- Hello and welcome! My name is Chris Orwig, and welcome to this course where we will focus in on how we can work with the studio portrait. You know, we'll take a studio portrait and we'll look at how we can remove the subject from that environment, and then position her in another. And this project base course will begin by looking at how we can use Adobe Camera Raw. And with Adobe Camera Raw we'll explore how we can crop the image and improve the details. Then, we'll look at how we can work on the image in Photoshop. Here we'll build a selection and we'll refine the edges of that selection and convert it into a mask, so that we can then remove the subject from the background environment.

Then of course, we'll bring the subject over to the new environment and start to combine the two images together. Here we'll focus in on some of those important details, we'll look at how we can darken areas or change the color of the image. How we can improve some edge detail, and also modify the overall color and tone. We'll be covering these topics and more, so thanks for joining me in this course, lets begin.

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