Photoshop for Photographers: Creative Effects

with Chris Orwig
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Photoshop for Photographers: Creative Effects
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This course provides a practical guide to enhancing photos with the most popular creative effects in Photoshop. Photographer, author, and teacher Chris Orwig shows how to modify color and light to add vibrance, drama, and emphasis. He then explores blur effects, including the Photoshop CS6 Blur Gallery and motion blur, to increase depth-of-field, add a softer focus, or make your still images move. The course also introduces the techniques behind digital infrared photography, and details a variety of effects that can add the popular analog look to photos: film grain simulations, vintage monochrome and color effects, and border and edge effects. The final chapters show how to use Photoshop's custom brushes and plug-ins for creative effects.

Topics include:
  • Combining HDR (high dynamic range) toning with color effects
  • Improving color with Curves and Color Balance
  • Creating drama with lighting effects
  • Adding realistic lens flare
  • Creating a luminance blur
  • Blending and masking in motion
  • Performing HDR toning and black and white conversions
  • Combining infrared with contrast and sharpness
  • Crafting vintage color
  • Adding borders and edges to a photo
  • Finding and installing custom brushes and plug-ins


- Welcome, my name is Chris Orwig. This is gonna be a fun course because here we're gonna focus in on how we can make and apply creative effects to our photographs using Photoshop. We'll start off by looking at how we can work with color. We'll create vivid and saturated colors and we'll also look at other more muted and subdued color effects. We'll look at how we can work with light in order to brighten different areas of our photographs. And I'll share with you a number of different techniques that you can use in order to add blur filters.

We'll explore how we can add a lens flare effect, how we can add motion to our photographs after the fact using Photoshop. We'll look at how we can use HDR toning in order to bring out details and add something that's fantastic. We'll also look at effects which allow us to create a vintage feel in our photographs. Well, we'll be covering all of these topics and more so without further delay, let's begin.

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