Photoshop Selections Workshop

with Tim Grey
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Photoshop Selections Workshop
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This workshop from Adobe Photoshop master Tim Grey will help you master the fine art of creating selections in Photoshop. Gain a stronger understanding of exactly what selections are, how they can be created and refined with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency, and how they can be employed in the process of optimizing your images. During the process, Tim shows how to use every selection tool available in Photoshop and introduces a variety of other special techniques. Note: This course was recorded in Photoshop CS5, but was created with users of both Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS4 in mind.

Topics include:
  • Adding, subtracting, and intersecting
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Saving and loading selections
  • Using Deselect, Reselect, and Hide
  • Selection tools
  • Advanced selection techniques
  • Refining selections
  • Selection projects
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- Hi, I'm Tim Grey, photographer, author, and educator. One of the things I love most about Photoshop is the incredible degree of control it allows me to exercise over my photographic images. Among the best examples of that control is the ability to apply adjustments selectively to particular areas of an image. That's the role of selections in Photoshop which is the subject of this workshop. In these lessons, I'll help you truly master use of selections to make the most of your photographic images. Together we'll explore the basic concepts of selections in order to build a foundation of understanding.

I'll then take you through every single adjustment tool available in Photoshop to show you how to configure and use each of those tools. I'll also show you some additional selection techniques including advanced methods for creating selections that Adobe never intended to be used for that purpose. We'll then take a look at some of the ways you can refine selections to perfection. To help you reinforce all you've learned, we'll also work on a few real world projects that require various selection techniques and will give us an opportunity to actually put some selections to use.

The images I use in each lesson are included in a project files folder, so you can use those same images while you follow along and practice the techniques you'll learn. The images are organized into folders by chapter name, and the file names reflect the content of the photo, matching the same file names you'll see in the lessons. When you've completed this workshop, I believe you'll have a new-found appreciation for the incredible potential opened up by selections. You'll also have a strong degree of confidence in your ability to create and refine selections of the highest quality, helping to ensure you can truly make the most of your photographic images with the help of selections.

I hope you find this workshop enjoyable and informative, and more importantly, I hope you're able to greatly improve your photographic images as a result of all you've learned here. Enjoy.

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