Photoshop Retouching Techniques: Hair

with Timothy Sexton
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Photoshop Retouching Techniques: Hair
Video duration: 0s 2h 8m Intermediate


Hair can be difficult to manage off camera; sometimes even on-set stylists can't make it look perfect on camera. That job often falls to the retoucher. Learn how to enhance the look of different types and textures of hair, under the guidance of master retoucher Timothy Sexton. He shows you how to use Adobe Photoshop's tools, such as Clone Stamp, to maintain the natural flow and appearance of hair while making it look what the industry deems lux—soft, full, and voluminous. Then Timothy shows you how to bump it up a notch for a look you might see in a typical hair care advertisement, and shows how to style curly hair, thin hair, and men's hair.

Topics include:
  • Taming wildness
  • Creating fullness and volume
  • Getting rid of flyaways
  • Toning down, not taking away
  • Creatively retouching hair
  • Working with curly, thin, and short hair


- Hello, and welcome to Retouching Hair. Hair can be difficult to manage both onscreen and in your mirror. I will be presenting to you in this course, several different challenges on a variety of hair styles and textures. Through the use of the Clone Stamp, utilizing its many settings, I will take you through methods of retaining the natural flow and rhythm of the hair's movement. Throughout the course, I will be using industry terms like, lux, short for luxurious, which is direction for making the hair soft, full, and voluminous. Hair should always be treated to feel as natural as possible.

I will demonstrate how to retouch hair beyond lux to what you would see in a hair product advertisement. Hair is an often overlooked aspect of image making. You can see half-hearted attempts in any magazine. My course is designed to break down the process in a way that quickly achieves your goal of printing beautiful work. There are lots of methods and techniques to cover so get your scissors, I mean stylus, and lets get going.

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