Photoshop Retouching Techniques: Beauty Portraits

with Timothy Sexton
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Photoshop Retouching Techniques: Beauty Portraits
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In this course, Timothy Sexton, senior retoucher at New York's Gloss Studio, builds the foundation for mastering the art of fashion retouching. The course begins with a discussion of how to evaluate an image and develop a retouching strategy that dovetails with the client's needs and the photographer's vision. Timothy also details an approach to file and layer management that simplifies creating multiple versions of a photo for client approval.

Next, Timothy delves into several core aspects of retouching—skin, hair, clothing, and body shaping—providing real-world insights and Adobe Photoshop techniques. The course describes ways to enhance eyes and lips, selectively sharpen portions of a photo to draw attention to them, use masks to change the color of clothing, and more. The course concludes with details on how to evaluate your work.

Topics include:
  • Working on color, contrast, and tone
  • Managing layers
  • Removing imperfections with the Clone Stamp and Quick Mask tools
  • Using soft and hard brushes to clean up hair
  • Refining the eyes and brows
  • Plumping lips with Liquify
  • Finalizing the color
  • Finishing with Dodge and Burn


- My name is Timothy Sexton. I have been retouching professionally in the fashion industry for over 13 years now in New York City. In this course, we will cover what the industry refers to as beauty. Beauty retouching is portrait advertisement images usually selling skin or hair products. It is also the most extreme example of in-depth skin retouching. I want to demonstrate how we can satisfy our clients objectives and yet keep the integrity and realness of the model and image intact. We will go over how to preserve and enhance skin texture.

I also have tips on time saving techniques of layer management that will enable you to easily adapt your images to our clients changing needs during a project. My career has spanned the end of commercial use of film photography to the birth and explosion of digital photography. Trends have caused me to time and again rethink my work flow in order to adapt. The one constant that I carry on which was passed to me by some amazing mentors along the way is attention to detail and preservation of texture. Now, let's go push some pixels around and see what happens.

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