Photoshop for Photographers: Lighting Effects

with Chris Orwig
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Photoshop for Photographers: Lighting Effects
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Lighting is central to photography and most of it is captured during a photo shoot. However, you can often create amazing lighting effects after the photo is taken with Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Photographer and teacher Chris Orwig shows you how. First, you'll learn to modify exposure and enhance the color and quality of light with Camera Raw. Then turning to Photoshop, Chris shows how to mask corrections to a specific area of an image and add contrast and color with blending modes. Plus, learn to dodge and burn away shadows and add one or more light sources to your photos with the Lighting Effects filter.

Topics include:
  • Creating a more expressive photograph with Camera Raw
  • Correcting under- and overexposure
  • Improving light in certain areas of an image with masks and the Radial Filter
  • Painting in brightness with Curves and masking
  • Correcting exposure with a gradient mask
  • Brightening and darkening with blend modes
  • Working with the Burn and Dodge tools
  • Adding light and multiple colors with the Lighting Effects filter
  • Creating a realistic glow


- [Chris] Welcome my name is Chris Orwig and this course is all about light. Light is central to photography and in this course we'll begin by working with Camera and here we'll cover topics like how we can correct and modify exposure. We'll talk about the quality and the color of light. In Photoshop we'll look at how we can turn a selection into a mask in order to modify a specific area of a photograph. We'll look at how we can use blending modes to add contrast and color or to change brightness.

And we'll dodge and burn in order to add some drama or to improve a portrait by reducing shadows on the face. Look at how we can use the lighting effects filter to add light sources to our photographs, whether that's to add one light or multiple lights. So thanks for joining me, let's begin!

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