Photoshop for Photographers: Color Emphasis

with Chris Orwig
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Photoshop for Photographers: Color Emphasis
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Make your photos pop with the selective use of color and Adobe Photoshop. In this short course, Chris Orwig takes you through a few methods to achieve amazing results with creative color. You'll learn to create color splash effects, hand paint color in both traditional and modern ways, colorize a grayscale image, target a color with masking and adjustment layers, and create vivid, vibrant color that makes your pictures come alive.

Topics include:
  • Isolating color
  • Removing and highlighting color
  • Selectively desaturating an image
  • Hand painting in color in a specific area
  • Posterizing an image
  • Creating a sepia-toned look
  • Colorizing an entire image
  • Changing the background color
  • Creating vibrant color with adjustment layers
  • Copying and reusing color adjustments to a new photo
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- [Voiceover] Welcome My name is Chris Orwig and I'll be your host and guide in this course, as we focus in on how we can use Photoshop techniques to emphasize and enhance color in our photographs. And in this course we'll talk about how we can created what's called the color splash effect. How we can remove color from the entire image except for a selected area. We'll also look at how we can do some hand coloring and how we can create this look in a traditional way or a more modern way where we change the background and also the overall color palette of the picture.

We'll look at how we can colorize a photograph, which is all about adding a color or colors on top of a gray scale image. And how we can use masking and adjustment layers in order to target a particular color in a photograph. And in addition we'll look at how we can create some vivid and vibrant colors as well. So thanks for joining me let's begin.

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