Photoshop for Photographers: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates

with Chris Orwig
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Photoshop for Photographers: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates
Video duration: 0s 2h 45m Intermediate Updated Jan 16, 2014


Take a look at the updates to Photoshop CC from a photographer's perspective. In this course, author Chris Orwig reviews the new features and performance improvements in this ever-evolving program that can take what comes out of your camera to the next level. Learn about the improved sharpening and shake reduction tools, enhancements to the way you resize and upsample photos, leading to greater image and print quality in less time, and the Camera Raw improvements that allow you to fix perspective, selectively brighten, or retouch and remove distractions in better ways.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud is updated on a regular basis. We will add more tutorials as features are added or changed, so check back often.

Topics include:
  • Introducing Shake Reduction sharpening
  • Using the Blur Direction tool
  • Improving long exposures
  • Resizing and upsampling more effectively
  • Automating perspective correction with Upright
  • Making linear retouching adjustments
  • Improving masks with Minimum


- [Voiceover] Welcome. My name is Chris Orwig. In this course we're gonna focus in on the new features in Photoshop that are most important to us as photographers. We'll look at how we can work with the new and improved Smart Sharpen dialog. Here, we'll explore how we can sharpen our images in order to achieve even better results. And we'll take a look at a fascinating new feature which is called Camera Shake Reduction. This feature allows us to reduce blur in our images that happens as a result of camera shake. We'll explore how we can add creative blur effects to our photographs using the Blur Gallery.

And how we can now apply these blur effects using Smart Filters. Next, we'll look at how we can access Camera Raw as a filter inside of Photoshop, like how we can use the Radial Filter to apply a selective adjustment or how we can use Upright in order to make some automatic perspective enhancements and corrections to our photographs. Now we will be covering all of these topics and more, so without further delay, let's begin.

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