Photoshop for Interior Design: Living Room Composite

with William Everhart
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Photoshop for Interior Design: Living Room Composite
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Reimagine your living room with Adobe Photoshop. William Everhart shows you how to take an image of your existing living room and get a rough idea of what it will look like with different wallpaper, flooring, window treatments, and even furniture and fixtures. Whether you are a professional designer or just a homeowner looking to update the look of your home, you'll find the techniques you'll need here to design your new space, from picking paint chips to lighting.

Topics include:
  • Finding design inspiration
  • Picking your paint chips
  • Selecting furniture
  • Creating a vanishing point
  • Masking paint
  • Placing flooring
  • Trying different layouts
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- Hi, I'm William Everheart. And I wanna welcome you to Interior Design with Photoshop: Living Room Composite. Are you an interior designer and need a quick way to mock up your ideas using real world samples? Or are you a homeowner with some Photoshop knowledge and a desire to redecorate your living space? In either case, this course was written with you in mind. I wanna walk you through the process that I have used, on many occasions, to redesign not only my home, but my office space, as well. The project we'll be working on here is a living room.

And I've selected a blank canvas for us to use during this course. This way, I don't bog you down with a lot of unnecessary Photoshop work. Now, don't worry, I'm gonna give you plenty of tips on how to apply the concepts you learn here to your own space. This course is brief and to the point. So you should have no troubles putting these skills to work right away in your next interior design project.

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