Photoshop Insider Training: Optimizing Photoshop's Performance

with Bryan O'Neil Hughes
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Photoshop Insider Training: Optimizing Photoshop's Performance
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Adobe Photoshop greatly benefits from performance tuning. Through careful hardware configuration and preference settings, you can make Photoshop run faster and more efficiently—and a Photoshop system that runs efficiently is one that doesn't interrupt your creative process.

In this installment of Photoshop Insider Training, Photoshop senior product manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes steps through the process of optimizing Photoshop's performance. The course begins with hardware configuration, from processor and memory recommendations to hard drive and solid-state drive (SSD) advice. Next, learn about the Photoshop preferences that deliver the best balance of performance and flexibility. Finally, discover the best way to move and save files and how other applications and even the health of your disk drive impact Photoshop's processes.

Topics include:
  • Optimizing a GPU and processor
  • Monitoring memory usage
  • Keeping an eye on the efficiency indicator
  • Reducing image resolution
  • Turning off presets and thumbnails
  • Exporting without the clipboard
  • Closing unnecessary applications
  • Repairing your drive
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bryan O'Neil Hughes, and welcome to Photoshop Insider Training: Optimizing Photoshop's Performance. In this course, we'll look at all sorts of ways to configure your system as well as Photoshop for optimum performance. We'll begin by looking at the differences between various pieces of hardware. The CPU versus the GPU, and how to allocate memory. Then within Photoshop, we'll look at things like the efficiency indicator, and how to make certain that Photoshop is running just right, and you're getting the most from it.

Then we'll go into settings, and we'll look at how turning off presets and thumbnails can optimize Photoshop's performance, and some best practices for moving files and saving them. Finally, we'll talk about how other applications, and even the health of your disks, can make an enormous difference with the performance. Now let's get started with Photoshop Insider Training: Optimizing Photoshop's Performance.

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