Photoshop for Designers: Type Effects

with Nigel French
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Photoshop for Designers: Type Effects
Video duration: 0s 5h 31m Intermediate Updated Dec 21, 2015


This installment of Photoshop for Designers explains how to create beautiful typographic effects and challenges designers to expand their creative mindset with type. Author Nigel French describes how to combine letters and imagery and how to illustrate ideas with type, often with just a few simple tweaks to the letterforms themselves. The final chapter contains a few creative projects, such as fashioning portraits and maps comprised entirely of type.

Topics include:
  • Illustrating with shape layers, layer masks, and clipping masks
  • Modifying letterforms
  • Using a displacement map
  • Illustrating words
  • Creating effects such as smoky or fiery type
  • Working with brushes and type
  • Warping text
  • Using a Vanishing Point grid
  • Incorporating repetition and pattern
  • Layering type


- [Voiceover] Welcome to Photoshop for Designers Type Effects. I'm Nigel French. In this course, we'll be drawing on a range of Photoshop skills, warping, masking, drawing paths and vector shapes, working with 3D type, creating custom brushes, painting with textures, and applying filters like displacement, vanishing point, and liquefy. Most importantly, however, we'll be working with ideas. For all the fire power that Photoshop can bring to your type treatments, there's no substitute for working with a strong concept.

In terms of working through this course, while I start out with some simple techniques, beyond that there's no progression from easy to hard. If you're an intermediate Photoshop user, you're probably already familiar with the techniques, but may not have considered them in the context of working with type. If you're a beginning Photoshop user, then hopefully you'll enjoy the challenge. So, with that in mind, let's get started with Photoshop for Designers Type Effects.

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