Photoshop Color Correction: Target-Based Corrections

with Taz Tally
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Photoshop Color Correction: Target-Based Corrections
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When you're shooting in complex color scenarios, having a grayscale target or color-checker in the scene will help you immensely when it comes time for color correction. In this mini project course, author Taz Tally shows you how to adjust the color of a complexly color-casted image, using a 10-step grayscale target and Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to evaluate the image, identify the tools you need to correct it, and use histograms, Curves, and a precise selection to make target-based corrections that remove the color cast while improving overall brightness and contrast. Check out the first installment in this series, Photoshop Color Correction: Fundamentals, for more detailed information about adjusting color in Photoshop.



- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Taz Tally and welcome to Photoshop Color Correction: Target-Based Corrections. This is a mini project course where we'll be making color adjustments to a complexly casted image using a 10-step gray scale target. Then, we will discuss how you can use the 10-step gray scale target to remove this color cast. Finally, using histograms, a curves adjustment layer, and a selection, I will show you how to remove the complex color cast, while simultaneously improving the overall brightness and contrast of a complexly color casted image.

Now let's get started with Color Correction in Photoshop: Target-Based Corrections.

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