Photoshop Color Correction: Creative Mood Adjustments

with Taz Tally
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Photoshop Color Correction: Creative Mood Adjustments
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Photoshop isn't just for correcting color; you can also make creative color adjustments to photos. In this mini project course, author Taz Tally shows you how to correct and adjust the color of a light-toned image. First, you'll learn how to evaluate the image and identify the tools you need to correct it. Then Taz walks through four different workflows that maintain, remove, or reduce the color cast, all resulting in completely different moods for the same photograph. He'll also show how to store and access the variations you've created, all in a single file.

Check out the first installment in this series, Photoshop Color Correction: Fundamentals, for more detailed information about adjusting color in Photoshop.



- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Taz Tally and welcome to Photoshop Color Correction: Creative Mood Adjustments. This is a mini-project course where we will be making multiple creative or mood color adjustments to a light-toned image with a color cast. First using histograms, I'll show you how to evaluate the characteristics of a light-toned color cast color image. Then we will determine how you might want to creatively adjust and/or remove the color cast to effect a particular mood in that image. Next, I'll show you how to adjust the color cast as well as alter the overall brightness and contrast of a light-toned color casted image.

Finally, I will demonstrate how to store and access the various creative mood variations you have created in a single image. Now let's get started with Color Correction in Photoshop: Creative Mood Adjustments.

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