Photoshop Color Correction: Advanced Projects

with Taz Tally
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Photoshop Color Correction: Advanced Projects
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This final piece in the Photoshop Color Correction series challenges you to complete a series of advanced projects using all of the skills that you have learned from previous courses. Taz Tally shows you how to evaluate an image using your two most valuable tools—your eyes and the Photoshop histogram—and tackle a variety of color correction issues, including a landscape with snow and fall color; a portrait suffering from an extreme color cast; a product shot that needs color adjustment and sharpening; a highly saturated image; and a winter scene in need of a creative "attitude" adjustment.



- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Taz Tally, and welcome to Photoshop Color Correction: Advanced Projects. In this projects course, we perform color corrections and adjustments on a variety of images with a range of color correction challenges. In each project, I'll start by exploring how to visually evaluate each image by identifying key elements in the image such as neutrals and skin tones, by using your eyes, histograms, and values. We will evaluate and correct a landscape with both snow and Fall colors, and a skin-tone image with an extreme color cast.

We'll see how to color balance and sharpen a product shot, and color balance a sea-scape. We'll also explore and adjust an image with highly-saturated colors and see how to creatively adjust the mood of an image. Now let's get started with Color Correction in Photoshop: Advanced Projects.

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